Praise for “Pause for the Jets”

“Pause For The Jets is an absolute classic of an album…the vibe is a space-rock opera on steroids…the type that Thurston Moore should be producing…the songwriting is quite simply brilliant, it takes a special talent to make a perfect pop song look like a slacker throw-away.” ~ GUITAR QUARTERLY

“Earwig might be one of the longest-tenured bands that you’ve never heard of. For more than 20 years, this band has made rock and roll that defies easy classification. This well-crafted indie-rock album is another testament to the songwriting of McGee.” Gary Schwind, AXS

“Lizard McGee has been writing extremely catchy songs for decades, and his expertise really shines through on Wasted On You.” ~ Chris DeVille, NOISEY

“Power-pop anthems and crunchy guitars…the songs on Pause For The Jets are some of the best Earwig has released.” ~ Joel Oliphint, COLUMBUS ALIVE

“Wasted on You is a three-minute power-pop nugget that represents some of Earwig’s finest work to date…one of the best power-pop songs you’re bound to hear all year.” ~ QUICKSTRIKE

“Destined for the TOP 10 Albums of my year!…All in all, Earwig have provided their most accessible music to date. It’s a play loud album…It may take you a bit of time to get it, but when you do, it will stick hard.” ~ HEAR A SINGLE

“This album truly rocks. Lizard F#ckin% McGee shows why Earwig is relevant after more than two decades, because rock never dies. Loveless lends her hauntingly cutting vocals to the already classic duet Wasted on You. Put down the remote and go grab this on vinyl now.” ~Topher, ADAM’S APIARY

“Earwig’s new single “Wasted On You” might be the most important reminder we have outside Chance the Rapper that teamwork really can make a good thing great.” – Noisey

“One of the surest marks of a good power-pop song is an overabundance of hooks. The most catchy and well constructed examples of the genre have a hook-like quality in every aspect of the song: the intro, the verses, bridge, chorus, ending, etc. It’s not an impossible feat to accomplish, but over the years the music world is littered by the songs and albums of groups who tried and failed to measure up. Where others fell short, Earwig shoots for the moon and damn near hits it!” ~ Quickstrike